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New guild website!

Wartz6000, Apr 30, 11 3:55 PM.
This is new and official guild website of guild <Biohazard>. WELCOME!
-Hello everyone! Welcome to the official website of guild: <Biohazard>


-Biohazard is PvP Guild. We are aware that WoW is a game so we take priority on our lives over WoW. We value maturity, respect, friendship(in-game/real life) and loyality above your gaming experience. If u are attending to join our community please read this page till the end.

Guild Leadership Team

-Our guild leadership team is here for you. Different gaming expirience leaders(retail, other private servers) are here and cooperating with guild all time. Guild leadership team is friendly and we are willing to help you in any way we can.

 Who Are We

-We are real-life friends who decided to play on this server. We have a lot of gaming expirience and we attend to share it with you.

What Are Our Requirements?

-We want from you to be active player. Go for most of our PvP events. To be prepared for all our pre-made BGs and our WGs. Be mature, and respectfull to guild members. U need to be lvl 80 with gear score at least above 4000(PvP), and have skill to play with your class. You need to have 2 main proffessions max.


Frostfang (Guild Master): Wartz

Titans (High Officers):
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